28 November 2016

Between heritage and passion…

JULIEN CAPRON, Between heritage and passion…

Julien’s grandparents, Jacotte and Roger Capron, are none other than the most famous French ceramists of the mid-to-late 20th century. While the other kids where playing in the sandbox or baking cookies, Julien worked the clay and took naps next to the crackling kilns on Saturday afternoons on the French Riviera.
After graduating from business school and doing his time in banking for 7 years, Julien decided at the age of 34 to follow his passion for beautiful things. While the art of ceramics may be his artistic heritage, it was woodworking that truly captured his imagination. He pursued apprenticeships with the woodworking masters on the yachts of the French Riviera and received his prestigious French Graduate Degree in Woodworking (CAP) in 2015.
Julien’s fusion of wood and ceramics in his early works seemed natural, almost to the point of obvious. Without a moment’s hesitation, his grandmother Jacotte started up the kilns and generously gave him her secrets of the clay, and most importantly, her decades of knowledge and savior-faire.
Julien started working out of the studio in Vallauris, a center of the ceramic arts, and continues to work every day to create unique works. Based on black lacquered wood, the inclusion of shimmering colored ceramics create delicate puzzles for the eye. Out of this sublime harmon a variety of tables and wall murals come to life.
An artist is born, and Julien surprises for us have only just begun.


DSC_2305-106 copie BD